Case History

Food Manufacturing

Problem faced:

The bakery customer mass produces donuts and pastries. Normally, they bake at night, and clean during the day. During the early evening one night, the customer realized their batch blending system was not functioning properly. If the blender were not repaired, then the bakery's production capacity that night would have been less than half.

AFI Systems solution:

  • The AFI Systems team responded with sending two technicians (after normal working hours) to inspect the machine's mechanical and electronic systems.
  • Through a step-by-step process of elimination, the problem was determined to be electrical. The blending machine did not have the proper IP rating for the environment it is in or for how it is being used and maintained; certain electrical components had become contaminated and/or degenerated.
  • The AFI technicians recognized the needed parts, made a quick trip back to the AFI office to obtain replacement parts, then installed the parts and tested the machine.
  • The repair was a success, and the customer able to produce as planned that night.
doughnut peddler blender

Field service - standard AFI practices

Whether you call or send an email to us, you will get through to someone who can help schedule one of our technicians to come to your facility quickly. Most industrial or manufacturers have tight operating or production schedules where there is never a good time for a machine or critical piece of equipment to break down. Get back to operating quickly again with AFI Systems. Consider these advantages:

  • We come to you to ensure the fastest field service possible - usually within a day or two.
  • Our technicians can inspect your entire machine/equipment for potential issues - both electronic and mechanical problems are common, and the real problem is not always obvious!
  • Any issues that cannot be resolved on-site will travel back to our factory with the technician.

We believe in being accessible. Our account managers / customer service team promptly answers incoming calls, and provides quick responses to incoming emails. Many of our customers have 24/7 schedules and we always try to service their needs accordingly.

Contact us today to see how AFI Systems can service your food or beverage manufacturing equipment!