Case Study

Packaging Safety

Problem faced:

This customer manufactures take-out bags for a well-known fast-food restaurant chain with increasing demand for the customer's product. Already running 24/7 the customer was faced with a difficult task to increase their production output. Increasing output safely would have been difficult to do with the production and packaging lines as they were previously configured.

AFI Systems solution:

The white boxes in this picture highlight the security sensors we installed at various points all around the barrier designed for this robotics palletizing system. The system shuts down immediately if any one crosses the barriers, and can only be activated again with the entry of a code into the control panel.

production line security sensors

This picture also shows components for the rest of the system we designed and installed. Existing conveyors and palletizing equipment were modified and repositioned, and then new equipment including: ABB IRB 460 robot, operator panel, custom end of arm tooling fitted with pneumatic grippers, photocell sensors, safety switches and controls, customer mounting frame.

  • We significantly improved the customers' cycle times, and reduced labor costs.
  • Provided detailed CAD drawing and manuals for the entire system and components.
  • Completed the installation and commissioning in 5 days, including training of their operating personnel.

We are authorized and work with a broad array of robotics and automation component suppliers, and our certified technicians follow step-by-step processes to integrate systems.

Automation services - standard AFI practices

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  • You will receive a detailed quotation and a thorough explanation for our proposed solution, so you can quickly evaluate your return on investment.

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