Case History

Packaging Machinery

Problem faced:

Our customer was heavily reliant on a 30-year-old Japanese strapping winder where the control PCB had a faulty integrated circuit which had been obsoleted by the OEM for many years and which could not sourced in the secondary markets. The customer’s production capacity was in jeopardy, and unless the PCB could be repaired, the customer would have been faced with a major machine upgrade / re-build project or the outright purchase of a new machine.

control pcb

AFI Systems solution:

One of our repair engineers had an idea for how to salvage the customer’s circuit board.

  • A small-scale Arduino circuit board was purchased, modified, and then installed over the location where the original circuit had been.
  • Our technician used C++ programming with the Arduino microcontroller to simulate the function of the IC, and mounted the Arduino board to an IC socket to fit onto the PCB.
  • A relay was added to apply a delay time on the board power, to allow for the Arduino's initialization. An Oscilloscope was used to ensure the output signals were properly synchronized.
AFi Systems innovative repair PCB

Repairs - standard AFI practices

Whether you call or send an email to us, you will get through to someone who can help guide you through the process of getting your component repaired quickly. Most industrial or manufacturers have tight operating or production schedules where there is never a good time for a machine or critical piece of equipment to break down. Get back to operating quickly again with AFI Systems. Consider these advantages:

  • Our certified technicians follow a step-by-step diagnostic process
  • Free evaluations
  • No fix no fees repairs
  • Fast repair turnaround
  • State of the art testing equipment
  • Electronic repairs warranted for two years

We believe in being accessible. Our account managers / customer service team promptly answers incoming calls, and provides quick responses to incoming emails. Many of our customers have 24/7 schedules and we always try to service their needs accordingly.

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