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FireFly Hot Wire Thermocutter for Synthetic Fabrics

Professionally engineered for the weaving industry as a reliable and cost-effective hot wire cutter solution with customized PCB design.

With the FireFly Thermocut controller, you can cut plastic based fabrics, thin polystyrene sheets, plastic film and other materials where hot wire cutting is appropriate. The hot wire blades can be customized to fit your machine, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Key features of the FireFly Thermocut include:

  • Advanced programming mode that allows users to set the desired cutting parameters, such as run power, standby power, preheat time, and preheat power.
  • Run mode for efficient cutting operations, with seamless switching between standby and run power modes.
  • Wiring guide for easy and safe installation of the hot wire cutter.
  • Safety instructions to ensure the proper use of the device and prevent accidents.
  • Compatibility with various hot wire blades, enabling the client to cut a wide range of materials.
  • Customized board-level PCB design for seamless integration with the client's existing equipment and optimized performance.

With supply chains being what they currently are and the major OEM's discontinuing products at a rapid pace, partnering with AFI systems for your product supply / inventory needs could be the answer you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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