Transform your system from obsolete to state-of-the-art and extend the lifespan of your systems. Don't just upgrade — enhance!

We are seasoned systems integrators, with projects that range from simple motor and drive retrofits to comprehensive production line upgrades, utilizing the latest in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), HMI (Human-Machine Interface), and motion control technologies. While it's impossible to list all our projects, they have included custom circuit boards for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) machinery, PLC and drive systems for blow-molding, as well as plastics and rubber extrusion lines. Our expertise also extends to winder systems, including points winding, cross-spooling, and traverse winding for wire, cable, or plastic strapping. We have improved food and beverage production line controls, implemented case packing and palletizing robots, managed materials handling robot cells, among many other projects.

Consider these advantages:

  • Measurable R.O.I.
    • Increased productivity and production flexibility
    • Reduced operating cost by eliminating product waste and avoiding labor issues
    • Improved health and safety conditions
  • All designs follow UL 508 standards
  • Detailed drawings and operating manuals for all system components
  • Detailed quotations and timelines
  • Complete installation, commissioning, and training

There are numerous ways we can help improve your operations!

The need to enhance production capabilities has never been more critical, whether due to competition, profit margins, delivery schedules, or unreliable production personnel. We will utilize the technology best suited to meet our customers' needs. We offer assistance in areas such as:

  • Robotics and other automated systems (electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Safety system integration
  • Material handling systems (conveying or lifting)
  • Machinery upgrades
  • Control panel design and construction

We can do it all!

AFi Systems automation


What we do

AFi robotics


We work with multiple robot brands, and can easily install all new or re-purpose existing system components.

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AFi machine upgrades

Machine Upgrades

Machine upgrades are a quick and cost-effective way to give your production system a boost

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AFi machine upgrades

Custom Fabrication

AFI Systems can design and fabricate just about any needed part or structural component needed for the job

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AFi control panels and electronic assemblies

Control Panels and Assemblies

AFI Systems will design a panel to fit the systems needs and will do so using all the latest component and programming technology

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AFi conduit and cabling

Conduit and Cabling

AFI Systems can design and produce a variety of electrical conduit and cable systems.

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