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SCADA Integration

AFi Systems excels in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition integration. SCADA's powerful framework allows you to integrate all of your processes into one easy-to-use software interface. Let's join forces in modernizing your facilities. Having an overview of all your industrial automation processes in one place will be a game changer in monitoring your floor. Being able to review historical data alongside of real-time feedback from each of the components in your production line gives you unprecedented control - and from any location!

Gold Certified Ignition® Software Integrator


As a Gold Certified Ignition Integrator®, AFi Systems has partnered with Inductive Automation® in providing the industry standard in SCADA software integration.

SCADA Systems Advantages

Inductive Automation's® state-of-the-art Ignition® software provides an overview of all your processes through high-performance HMIs and enterprise dashboards. It's cross-platform reporting is built upon a secure and redundant infrastructure that offers live and historical data analysis. Using this data, alarm notifications can be sent to interested parties in real-time via SMS and email alarm notifications, giving managers piece-of-mind around the clock regardless of their location

Ignition hub and spoke diagram
  • Third Pary IIoT Platform Integration
  • Full integration with other IIoT platforms: Azure, AWS IoT, Watson IoT, and more.

  • Exceptional Redundancy and Security
  • Security, disaster recovery, and high availability are native capabilities of MQTT infrastructures.

  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Full range of dynamic, data-rich reports sent to the appropriate people.

  • Alarming Notification
  • Alarming system that sends notifications to you through email, SMS, and voice.

  • Industrial Historian
  • High-performance time-series tags giving you important historical data when you need it.

  • Mobile Access
  • Mobile access to your industrial applications via smartphones and tablets.

  • Cross-Platform
  • Compatibility with Windows, Linux, macOS, and more.

Ignition by Inductive Automation

Contact our engineers today to learn more. We will spend the time to explain in detail the enormous impacts that integrating your systems into one platform can have on productivity, security and efficiency.

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