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Introducing the AFI Systems Strapping Winders

AFI has a long history of working with all types of winder systems. We can manufacture new dancer-controlled winders custom built for your application, or alternatively we can refurbish your existing outdated winders and install new Allen-Bradley PLC Controls, with open-source code so that your engineers and maintenance staff can troubleshoot problems or make changes to tailor to your process as needed. Our winder systems can operate with regular traverse winding, points winding or cross-spooling. Data entry is streamlined for easy setup and operation, and password-protected maintenance functions provide for quick and easy troubleshooting. We can customize the controls for your specific application if needed.

Quality testing a Winder prior to shipment

Standard features include:

  • Customizable Human Machine Interface
  • Re-designed control system with state-of-the-art components, PLC, IO link Sensors and devices over ethernet
  • Single or dual head winding configurations
  • Multiple speed and direction winding capabilities
  • Rigid frame design with all seams welded
  • Powder coated frame

Optional Features:

  • Spool auto-cutting
  • Strap fastening after cutting
  • Spool/strap accumulating
  • Automated spool transfer

Common frame dimensions, and electrical schematic:

Regardless of your needs, AFI Systems can produce one or more Strapping Winders to do the job. Contact us today to learn more!

It all begins with a good design which is followed by execution through to the finished product!

Web Winders - let us upgrade/modernize your system for you!

We can retrofit your outdated web winder/unwind control systems with new drives and PLC systems, including DC to AC motor conversion if preferred. We have completed installations utilizing up to 13 drives including dual turret winder and unwind stands, using Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and multiple Panel-views for controls. Although we prefer to use Allen-Bradley PLC and HMIs due to their long-term reliability and support, we can at your request use the brand of drives and controls of your choice. We have completed projects using Siemens, Beckhoff Automation, Automation Direct, Omron and others.

Common web winding processing:

Processing and upgraded component pictures

Regardless of your needs, AFI Systems can upgrade/modernize you Web Winders to meet your modern-day needs! Contact us today to learn more!

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