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Control Panels, Electronic Design and Assembly

The center of every automation system…

Regardless of what type of automation you are using – at the center of every system is the control panel. AFI Systems will design a panel to fit the system's needs and will do so using all the latest component and programming technology – our technicians do attend conferences and classes to ensure we stay up-to-date. We are perfectly comfortable designing and building a new panel system, designing a panel for the customer to build on their own, or re-building an existing panel which might have been damaged. And, we also will do non-panel related electronic system design and assembly.

weaving machine panel
strapping control panel misc control panel

What ever the system needs are AFI Systems can design it! The above are some of our panel projects while being assembled.

We might choose to use an existing packaged OEM drive system, or custom design the drive functions using individual components. Other common control panel components typically include:

  • Panels with power supply, PLC’s, HMI’s, terminal blocks, contactors, ethernet ports
  • Operating controls such as encoders, potentiometers, relays and sensors, scanners, circuit breakers
  • Safety sensors and switches
  • Hand-held pendant options

Other important factors when considering AFI Systems for your control panel needs:

  • All designs follow UL 508 standards
  • Detailed drawings and operating manuals for all system components
  • Detailed quotations and timelines
  • Complete installation, commissioning, and training
large panel construction
large finished panel

Size does not matter! Smart design, clear schematics, and highly trained technicians can get through the most challenging panel building project.

There are so many ways we can help improve your operations!

The need to improve productions capabilities has never been greater whether it be from: competition, profits, delivery schedules, unreliable production personnel, and we will use which ever technology is best suited to meet the customer’s needs. We can help with:

  • Robotics or other automated systems (electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Safety system integration
  • Material handling systems (conveying or lifting)
  • Control panel design and construction


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