• Fairford SGY-201-4-01 230-480V 132 A Motor Starter Synergy (NEW)

Synergy – Redefining Soft Starters

With a unique combination of features, performance and size, Fairford has redefined the benchmark for soft starter design. The incorporation of Fairford’s unique iERS technology allows synergy to deliver unrivaled soft start performance alongside energy saving capability on partially loaded motors. With product size and cabinet capacity becoming an increasing focus we developed synergy to deliver the greatest power to size ratio of any other soft starter. In addition synergy uses Fairford’s globally renowned Automatic Setup feature which allows the user to programme the unit to any common application using a simple 4 button process. To keep pace with the modern technology, synergy removes the need for buttons and uses intuitive touch screen technology. With built in full motor overload protection as well as full data logging, field serviceable fans, upgradeable firmware and extensive input/output programmability, synergy meets all of the key design criteria.

Range from 17-500A or 10-400HP Please call our office for assistance in selecting the correct sizes:
3-phase SCR
Full motor overload Standard Trip Class 10: 3 x 23 secs or 3.5 x 17 secs - 3 or 5 starts per hour (other Trip Classes are available)
208, 230, 400, 480 volts
Allowing for varying frequency 45Hz-65Hz
IP20 / NEMA 1, IP00
Full automatic set up
Control voltages of 24VDC, 110/230VAC
iERS - intelligent Energy Recovery System as standard
In Delta / 6 wire connection
Multiple languages

Inputs / Outputs:

  • 4 x programmable output relays
  • 3 x programmable digital inputs
  • Analogue input / outputs
  • USB for data logging and parameter setting/saving
  • Thermistor
  • Fully field upgradeable
  • Comprehensive data logging

Fully field serviceable fans
2 year warranty extendable to 5 years

Features and Benefits

Ease of Use

The display will show all messages in full and in multiple languages. The use of graphic/schematic images will aid understanding. Detailed logging will aid setup and onboard USB will allow configurations to be upload/downloaded and emailed.

Touch Screen

Colour Touch screen on all versions.

Plug n Play

The SoftStarter will ‘tune’ itself to the load.

Auto Set Up

The automatic functionality has been expanded so that more features can be configured without referring to parameter lists.


Energy optimizing is combined with bypass to give energy saving in more applications.


Field replaceable fans.


2yr warranty. This is made economically viable by the comprehensive logging features, so fault conditions can be easily identified.


For soft starters the size determination is dependent on the application – i.e. the inrush current to start the motor which depends on the type of motor and the inertia of the load, as well as the number of starts per minute that may be required. Please contact our offices to help pick the part number depending on motor size and application.




Starting with our Free Evaluation and Quote, our ISO certified repairs staff is ready to run your drive through a litany of tests and maintenance procedures. We offer fast turnaround and friendly, professional service.

  • Certified technicians follow a step-by-step diagnostic process
  • Free evaluations
  • No fix no fees repairs
  • Fast repair turnaround
  • State of the art testing equipment
  • Electronic repairs warranted for two years

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Fairford SGY-201-4-01 230-480V 132 A Motor Starter Synergy (NEW)

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