• Automation Direct STP-MTRH-23079, 5 A,1.8 Deg/Step, High Torque (Factory New)

The stepper motor converts the power from the stepper drive into rotational movement.

Unlike AC motors, stepper motors have 100% current (idle-current cutback disabled) applied to them all the time regardless of load on the motor. The motor is moved in "steps" (one per command pulse) and will hold at its present position if no command pulses are received.

This is a Surestep Stepper Motor, Single Shaft, 286 OZ-IN HoldngTorque 5Amps, 1.8 Deg/ Full Step (200 STEPS/REVOLUTION), Nema Size 23, Bipolar.


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Stepper Motor Rated Values
Stepper Motor Voltage (V) Not Specified
Stepper Motor Output/Phase (Amps) 5.6
Stepper Motor Phase (Total) 6.9
Stepper Motor Frame (Type) 23
Stepper Motor Speed (RPM) Not Specified
Stepper Motor Enclosure (Type) Nema 23

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Automation Direct STP-MTRH-23079 5 A 1.8 Deg/Step High Torque (Factory New)

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