• Baldor BSM100C-2250AA, 300 VAC, 1200 RPM, 4.97 A (Repair Yours)

BSM100C-2250AA Baldor


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The BSM C-series from Baldor provides industrial motion control machines with an AC brushless servo motor with “higher” inertia – thus providing an excellent match for equipment requiring “higher” inertial matching. The goal of this series design was to increase torque while reducing package size (comparing to previous Baldor series). The result was a torque increase of up to 50% in some models, with a package reduction of up to 2 inches/50mm.

The BSM C-series provides continuous stall torques ranging from 10 Lb-In (1.2 N-m) to 1062 Lb-In (120 N-m). Peak torques are 3 times continuous. The C-Series provides an economical package best used in applications with higher load inertias.

The rotor is a time proven quality design – the reliability has been proven in numerous worldwide applications. The BSM C-series is used in equipment such as: moving webs, machine tool, packaging, factory automation, material handling, printing converting, food packaging, assembly lines, and many other demanding applications.


  • More torque in smaller package than previous designs
  • Acceleration torques from 32 Lb-In (3.6 N-m) to 3186 Lb-In (360 N-m)
  • High output torque at low speed – continuous 10 Lb-In (1.2 N-m) to 1062 Lb-In (120 N-m)
  • Inertia range .0016 - .038 Lb-In-s2 – 0.57 Lb-In- s2 (1.8 - 42.6 – 644 Kg-cm2)
  • Standard windings for 160, 300, 600 bus volts- customs available
  • Premium 200°C moisture resistant, multi-coated wire for reliability
  • Extra high insulated stator for high voltage and current spike protection
  • Superior bearings with Exxon PolyrexEM TM polyrex grease to provide 4 times greater life
  • Rugged industrial construction to provide quality throughout the design
  • Stock and customs available - IEC/NEMA designs
Servo Motor Rated Values
Servo Motor Voltage (V) 300 VAC
Servo Motor Speed (RPM) 1200
Servo Motor Output (Amps) 4.97
Servo Motor Feedback (Type) Resolver
Generic Dimensions
Generic Length (in) 23
Generic Width (in) 12.5
Generic Height (in) 13.25
Generic Weight (lbs) 62

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