• Berger Lahr VRDM 597/50 LWC, 5 PH, 1.25 A, 325 VAC (Used Surplus)

Advantages of 5-phase stepping motors

  • Step angle 0.72%.36° (full step/half step)
  • Small step angle tolerance
  • Almost identical holding moment in full step and half step mode
  • High holding moment
  • Step frequency up to 100,000 steps/s (6,000 rpm)
  • High resolution of 500 or 1,000 steps per revolution
  • High system dampling due to precise electrical input ( extra damping elements are not required)
  • High start/stop frequencies.
  • Torque range from approx. 30 to 1100 Ncm





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Stepper Motor Rated Values
Stepper Motor Voltage (V) 325 VAC
Stepper Motor Output/Phase (Amps) 1.25
Stepper Motor Phase (Total) Not Specified
Stepper Motor Frame (Type) Not Specified
Stepper Motor Speed (RPM) Not Specified
Stepper Motor Enclosure (Type) Not Specified

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Berger Lahr VRDM 597/50 LWC 5 PH 1.25 A 325 VAC (Used Surplus)

  • Brand: Berger Lahr
  • Product Code: 597/50 LWC
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