Motortronics VMX-PFE Motor Controllers

Motortronics VMX PFE Motor Controller

The Choice for Light and Medium Duty Industrial Applications

With ratings up to 20HP, the Motortronics VMX-PFE™ is ideally placed to support smaller AC induction motors. Easy DIN rail mounting makes the VMX-PFE™ the natural choice for distributors and integrators.

Features and Benefits
  • AC Supply Voltage: 200 - 480 Vac
  • HP Ratings: 1.5 to 20 HP
  • Amp Ratings: 1 to 28 Amps
  • Setup: Just 3 settings
  • 3S Technology: Automatic ramp control profiles
  • Bypass: Built-in
  • Over Current Protection: Protects the Soft Starter against usage above its duty rating.
  • Internally Bypassed: Reduces cost once bypass is active. Reduces cabinet size and less heat produced.
  • Only 1.8” Wide (Size 1): Same width as typical contactor and enables a more compact cabinet to be used.
  • Din-Rail Mount: For easy installation - it just clips on.

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