Duff Norton SuperCylinders

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Duff-Norton manufactures the broadest range of high-capacity electric cylinders (SuperCylinders) ranging from 2 tons to 50 tons. All Duff Norton electric cylinders are available in clevis or trunnion mounting; offset, right angle or parallel in-line mounting. These heavy-duty electric cylinders are used for opening and closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting and lowering, and positioning.

Browse through the data sheets for the SCW, SCN, and SCD SuperCylinder series of electric lift cylinders to find the right option for your application or reach out to us engineers to start a conversation about your specific needs.

How to get started selecting the right Duff Norton SuperCylinder
  • Looking to replace or purchase an additional existing unit - simply send us a picture of the name plate on the cylinder's side.
  • Considering a SuperCylinder for a new application - we recommend starting with the Selection Guide attached.

Features and benefits (options vary by product)

All Duff-Norton SuperCylinder series use a precision guided translating tube system to broaden application capabilities. A ground and chrome plated translating tube sliding in polymeric bearings produces excellent resistance to buckling; this lets SuperCylinders achieve stroke lengths much greater than are possible with most other options.

Enclosure of the screw by the tube system shields it from environmental contaminants and retains lubricants, requiring less maintenance and allowing longer service. Duff Norton SuperCylinders also use hydraulic cylinder grade wiper seals between the tubes to effectively exclude dirt from the screw area.

Duff-Norton SCN cutaway

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Duff-Norton SCW cutaway

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The modular concept employed by Duff-Norton for the SuperCylinder series allows an unlimited number of configuration possibilities for tailoring of the cylinder to an application. The selection of available gear ratios is unmatched by any similar product. This exceptional choice of ratios allows precise tailoring of the actuator speed and load specifications. Many additional motor and ratio options are available to meet specific capacity, speed, or life requirements.

  • Speeds up to 11.9 in/sec
  • Strokes up to 161 inches
  • Continuous Duty Rating options
  • High efficiency and low power requirement options
  • Mounting options (trunnion or clevis) and installation hardware
  • Hazardous conditions – models designed to operate safely

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