Duff Norton Mechanical Actuator / Screw Jacks series

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With capacities ranging from 500 lbs. to 350 tons; Acme Screw jacks offer positive mechanical action, precise positioning, and uniform lifting speeds. Ball Screw jack capacities range from ½ to 50 tons. Standard configurations include upright or inverted units with translating or rotating lifting screws, and top plate, threaded, or clevis ends. Duff-Norton offers a complete line of both standard and custom engineered Acme and Ball Screw actuators.

How to get started selecting the right Duff Norton Mechanical Actuator / Screw Jack
  • Looking to replace or purchase an additional existing unit - simply send us a picture of the name plate on the jack's front side.
  • Designing an actuator for a new application - we recommend starting with the Screw Jack Selection Guide attached.
Features and Benefits:
  • Multiple configuration options - upright or inverted, translating screw or rotating screw style
  • Available with Acme or Ball Screws
  • Special features can include all or hybrid stainless steel construction, or anti-backlash options
  • Precise positioning options
  • Uniform lifting speeds when multiple actuators are used together
  • Self-Locking with higher gear ratios
  • Control options available such as: Limit switches, potentiometers, encoders, and rotary counters
  • System options available with:
    • Powered arrangements with 2nd stage gear reduction, C-face motor mounting, hand wheels
    • Configured system arrangements using multiple jacks together with mitre boxes, connecting shafts, and couplings.

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