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Hitachi EHV+ Series Programmable Logic Controller

Danfoss Aqua Drive FC202

The EHV+ Series is a fully IEC61131-3 compliant PLC (programmable logic controller) series which offers effective programming features and reduced debugging and commissioning time.

Powerful communication performance in one CPU

The powerful hardware performances of the previous generation EHV Series are succeeded to EHV+, such as multi-programming port (USB, Ethernet, Serial), compatibility of I/O modules for EH-150 Series, high reliability, superior in quality and much more.

Two models come with scalable memory size: EHV-CPU1025 (512KB), EHV-CPU1102 (2,048KB)

Furthermore, the Hitachi EVH+ series features Integrated Development Environment (IDE) “HX-CODESYS” programming software which is a HX-CODESYS is a professional development tool based on CODESYS V3.5 by 3S. Compared to standard CODESYS, following components are additionally included in the installation file(setup.exe)

  • Device description files (.xml) for EHV+ Series
  • Special libraries for EHV+ Series. (get_error_info, Counter_interface, etc.)

Well over 200 renowned device manufacturers from different industrial sectors program their automation devices with CODESYS. Today, CODESYS is the widest-spread IEC61131-3 development tool in Europe and has established itself as the standard in controller and PLC programming.

Features and Benefits

  • No proprietary programming languages
  • Easy start-up for users with:
    • No PLC experience or
    • Experience of other manufacturer's programming language or
    • Experience of other high-level programming languages
  • Standardized programming style with 5 programming languages (LF, FBD, IL, ST, SFC)
  • Variable names for PLC, HMI, SCADA, and other I/O devices can be consolidated
  • Offline simulation function on programming software

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