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Hitachi MICRO-EHV+ Series Programmable Logic Controller

Hitachi Micro EVH+ Series

Much like its' larger counterpart, the Hitachi MICRO-EHV+ Series Programmable Logic Controller is an all-in-one type processor packed with powerful functions, yet with a compact scale which can be a real advantage when installations into restricted spaces are required. The PLC is fully IEC compliant with 3S CODESYS V.5 platform.

Powerful communication performance in one CPU

All models have Ethernet, serial, USB (host & device) communication ports as standard. Additional communication ports can be realized by option boards, and a wide range of expansion units are available.

Features and Benefits

  • No proprietary programming languages
  • Easy start-up for users with:
    • No PLC experience or
    • Experience of other manufacturer's programming language or
    • Experience of other high-level programming languages
  • Standardized programming style with 5 programming languages (LF, FBD, IL, ST, SFC)
  • Variable names for PLC, HMI, SCADA, and other I/O devices can be consolidated
  • Offline simulation function on programming software

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