IFM Efector IO-Link Master

ifm Efector IO link master

IO-Link Master for Field Applications or Controls Cabinets

The IO-Link masters for field applications are gateways for the connection of up to eight IO-Link devices including sensors, valves or binary input/output modules. On some versions offer ports that are designed as B ports and supply auxiliary energy for the connection of IO-Link actuators. The master transmits machine data, process parameters and diagnostic data to the controller. The product range includes interfaces to Profinet, EtherCat, Ethernet/IP, Profibus or AS-Interface.

Excellent electromagnetic stability, a wide temperature range, a high protection rating and a robust housing qualify the device for use in harsh industrial environments. The master with AS-Interface has quick mounting technology with a slide that locks the upper and lower part.

The IO-Link master for control cabinet installation features an integrated web server for configuration and diagnosis. It transmits machine data, process parameters and diagnostic data via Profinet or Ethernet/IP to the controller. To ensure that the data can be processed by IT and used at several factory locations or even worldwide, the device has a second Ethernet port with an integrated switch. This second port allows direct networking of all connected IO-Link devices with a local server using a parallel communication path called 'Y path'. The integrated interface software LINERECORDER AGENT enables communication with the server.

Features and Benefits
  • For connection of up to eight IO-Link devices
  • Reliable transmission of machine data, process parameters and diagnostic data to the controller
  • Simultaneous data exchange with the controller and the IT world
  • Mounting flexibility for field mount or control cabinets
  • With integrated fieldbus interface

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