IFM Efector Safety Sensors

ifm Efector safety light curtains

IFM Efector Safety Light Curtains

IFM Efector safety light curtains are used where hazardous areas must be secured. They are opto-electronic safety devices consisting of one transmitter and one receiver. They conform to the safety requirements of type 2 / SIL 1 or type 4 / SIL 3.

Typical applications include access prevention or hazardous area monitoring of robot cells and production lines. For food and beverage applications, units with protective tubes and high protection ratings are offered. Safety light curtains with floating blanking can be used to safeguard material feed processes on presses and saws.

Features and Benefits
  • Type 4 (IEC 61496) safety light curtains at Type 2 pricing
  • Reliable protection of hazardous areas
  • Short and long range selectable via wiring
  • No dead space when mounted in in L shape
  • Industry standard M12 connection for simple wiring

IFM Efector Safety Relays

ifm Efector safety relays

IFM Efector safety relays can be used in a variety of ways. They perform monitoring tasks in safety applications in combination with different non-contact guards. They are capable of evaluating signals from safety light grids, safety light curtains, position sensors with and without cross-fault monitoring, electronic safety sensors or mechanical safety switches for protective guard contacts. Safety relays with relay outputs and muting function are used for the connection of safety light curtains and safety light grids. In handling and loading stations, the muting function reliably differentiates between the entry of personnel and material.

Standstill monitors and speed monitors are pulse evaluation systems for safe detection of underspeed or standstill or for safety-related minimum speed monitoring.

Features and Benefits
  • Evaluation units for fail-safe sensors and E-STOP switchgear
  • Connection of mechanical fail-safe switches and fail-safe sensors
  • Evaluation systems for safe rotational speed or standstill monitoring

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