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Automation Drive EZ FC321 Danfoss

The EZ Everything Drive

For basic drive applications you don't want to sift through a laundry list of features to customize your drive and wait for delivery; you want an AC Drive with a low number of variants that's easy to stock, ships quick when needed, and is simple to startup with plug and play convenience. We heard you and that's why Danfoss / Vacon are proud to introduce the VLT® Automation Drive EZ FC 321. For variable speed control of all asynchronous and permanent magnet motors, on any industrial machine or production line, this VFD is packed with standard features right off the shelf with no special configuration or customization required. Save energy, improve flexibility, and optimize processes with this intelligent yet simple variable frequency drive designed for easy stocking and fast turnaround — Because every motor deserves the best AC Drive

Supply Voltages and Power Range:
  • 3 x 200 - 240V..................... 0.33 HP - 100 HP
  • 3 x 380 - 480/500V.............. 0.5 HP - 200 HP
  • 3 x 525 - 600V.................... 1 HP - 100 HP
  • 3 x 525 - 690V.................... 125 HP - 200 HP
Features and Benefits:
  • Flexible and expandable: With a flexible modular design, the Automation Drive EZ FC 321 is packed with standard features which can be expanded with plug-and-play options with additional features and field buses. Safe Torque-Off is a standard safety feature that can be applied through hardwired safety.
  • Printed circuit board protection: Drives up to 100 HP conforms to class 3C2 (IEC 60721-3-3) as standard. Drives above 100 HP come standard with 3C3.
  • Robust and reliable: VLT® Automation Drive EZ FC 321 is a proven performer in all industrial environments and grid voltages, including 690V. Enclosures are available up to NEMA 4X (depending on model), and integrated DC chokes and RFI filters in all models protect installations by minimizing harmonic distortion and electromagnetic interferences. All drives are tested at full-load before leaving the factory.
  • Easy set up and commissioning: The VLT® Automation Drive EZ FC 321 is easy to set up and operate via the user-friendly graphical control panel, requires minimal maintenance, and delivers a market leading control solution which provides a fast return on investment with a highly competitive cost of ownership.
  • Smart Start wizard: Includes groups for several of the most common applications, including conveyors, pumps and fans, and setup with mechanical brake. With the settings to run applications already in place, you can get your machine up and running faster, increasing your productivity.

Shown are the basic ratings and dimensions for the FC 321 drives - for drives larger than 200HP, please contact us.

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